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[Foto] Burnus Hauptgebäude

Familiar brands coupled with market-driven concepts are the key to success. Brands and products are refined and adapted to fit current trends, in areas consumers expect this.

Now an owner-managed, mid-sized group of companies, Burnus Group holds considerable market share in the consumer goods segment in Germany and many countries worldwide. The personal body care brand “Kamill”, with its hand cream, has been the most sold brand in Germany in this segment for many years (Nielsen 2016). Its “burti” brand also gives Burnus a strong position in the consumer detergent segment.

Our medium-sized structures enable shorter implementation paths and faster reactions. Our brands can thereby continue their successful path as they win over retailers and consumers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are regularly looking for qualified and motivated employees (job offers are in german language only).

Leider können wir Ihnen zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt keine offenen Stellen anbieten.