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Wir über uns

Welcome to Burnus.

Burnus GmbH is the central enterprise of the Burnus Group, which has grown to become a globally active group of companies today. Every day, millions of customers throughout the world put their trust in Burnus consumer products. The Burnus Group has offered effective products for more than 100 years.

[Foto] Burnus Hauptgebäude

As a mid-sized company, acting in a responsible and sustainable manner is a matter of course. Operations are carried respecting to the environment, using resources carefully and practicing social responsibility. The customer remains the focal point of our actions. With innovative products,  Burnus  enhances quality of life and cares for the environment. All in the tradition of a family-owned company operating sustainably.

We have established binding values for all business segments:

  • We consistently align ourselves with the requirements of the market and of our customers.
  • We develop products suitable for people and the environment, along with user- friendly technologies.
  • We are committed to superior quality brands.
  • We are continuously searching for innovations and efficiency improvements.